Derp Demo

by Sonic Derp

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The first release by Sonic Derp. This is more of a demo, not an EP or a full-length album.


released February 7, 2012

Mick Bynes - vocals, guitar. Kevin Monahan - bass.



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Sonic Derp Highland Mills, New York

A shock rock/punk rock band from New York. The project lasted for about 6 months or so. An ill-fated project.

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Track Name: You Are All Diseased
You are all diseased
Because George Carlin said so
You diseased motherfuckers
Why don't you all die
You're all a waste of fucking time
Please die
You are all diseased
Fuck off this mortal coil
You are all diseased
Fuck off and die now
Track Name: Tails is Hyper (Demo)
Tails is really hyper
He ate 4 snickerdoodles
He drank 3 cups of Mountain Dew
Sonic can't control him
Tails is going wild
Track Name: Burning Mortals
The fire rises up
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
All of you mortals will pay the price
It is time for you to burn
Monumental fire of doom
The fire has been unleashed
No one will survive
That's right, no one will survive
Track Name: Vote For Ron Paul
Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum
They're garbage
Mitt and Newt are assholes
Who gives a fucking shit about them
We don't give a shit about them
Ron Paul is the one
Vote for Ron Paul
Track Name: Mungo
Mungo is a dumb fat purple cat
He lives in the junkyard
He's not a bright cat
He messes shit up
There goes Mungo
There he goes fucking shit up
Track Name: Sonic Saves the Day
The biggest war has begun
The war to end all wars
Machine gun blasts can be heard
Tanks shoot down buildings
There are thousands of casualties
The sky is red
You are all doomed

Sonic saves the day
He takes down Eggman's troops one by one
Eggman is stunned
He cannot believe this
Sonic performs a homing shot on Eggman

Metal Sonic appears
He tries to take down Sonic
Sonic is too fast
Metal Sonic puts a real good
In the end
Sonic wins